Timothy Bell

Position : Senior Research Associate
Bio :

Research Areas

  • Magnetospheric and Ionospheric Wave-Particle Interactions
  • Nonlinear Plasma Dynamics
  • Antennas in Plasmas
  • Satellite VLF/ELF Wave Measurements
  • VLF Remote Diagnostics
  • Lightning Effects


  • B.S., Stanford University
  • M.S., Stanford University
  • Ph.D., Stanford University

Specific Research Interests

  • interactions between VLF/ELF waves and energetic particles in the magnetosphere
  • non-linear plasma dynamics
  • characteristics of antennas in plasmas
  • VLF/ELF wave injection experiments in ionosphere and magnetosphere
  • wave propagation in space plasmas
  • remote sensing of magnetosphere and trapped particle population using VLF/ELF waves
  • controlled generation of micropulsations using VLF transmitters
  • the origin and effects of VLF line radiation in the magnetosphere
  • satellite measurements of VLF/ELF waves in the magnetosphere
  • effects of lightning discharges on ionosphere

Other Information

  • On Stanford research staff since 1966.
  • Member: Sigma Xi, URSI, AGU, California Scholarship Federation, Advisory panels to NASA.
  • Awards: NASA Public Service Group Achievement Award (1979).
  • Author of over 100 scientific and technical papers.
Graduate Info
Graduation date : May 1, 1964